Sewanee Summer Music Festival

Summer 2016 was my first year as professor of harp at Sewanee, but far from my first experience of this magical summer music festival! I attended as a very young harpist, in 1967, beginning my long association with Sewanee. The musically rich environment in a beautiful mountain setting through several summers during high school and college enabled me to grow as a person and a musician, and I credit much of my success as a harpist and teacher to those formative summers. I am thrilled to be able to return as a member of the faculty. 

What Sewanee offers harpists:

Orchestral experience, with a different program and conductor every week
Chamber music, with a different assignment every week
Harp ensemble, several rehearsals weekly, with a concert in the final week
Weekly private lessons
Studio classes and sectionals weekly
Faculty concerts and seminars throughout the summer

Applications are currently being accepted for Summer 2017, and scholarship assistance is available. 

A Harp Ensemble Rehearsal 2016

Student Feedback

In my amazing four weeks at Sewanee Summer Music Festival, I had so many inspiring experiences and met so many wonderful people. Sewanee was a great environment to have my first experience playing in a full-sized orchestra, and provided the perfect mix challenge and fun!  As a harpist, the repertoire we played at Sewanee gave me the opportunity to learn and perform some of the most exciting parts written for harp in orchestra. While playing alongside so many talented musicians was intimidating at first, I truly came to love being a part of the orchestra by the end of the camp. Another aspect of Sewanee that I loved was learning from the incredible faculty and staff, whether it was listening to the weekly faculty concerts or participating in seminars about a broad spectrum of music-related topics. Lastly, there is truly something special about the comradely and sense of community between all of the musicians at Sewanee. Being in an environment where everyone is equally passionate about music was so inspiring, and everyone I met was so friendly and supportive. I came away from the festival feeling much more confident with my ensemble skills, as well as with a greater enjoyment for classical music and many lifelong friends. -- An-Ya Olson, 2016


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