To devote more time to my passion for teaching, I recently retired as second harp with the National Symphony Orchestra, a position I held for seventeen years.  I have been teaching the harp for over thirty-five years. Many of my students have been accepted to top conservatories in the nation and have gone on to successful careers as professional harpists. Others have found joy and enrichment through the study of the harp.

Teaching Philosophy

My over-arching philosophy of teaching is to meet students where they are in terms of musical level and aptitude, and guide them through the next steps to move forward in development. 

With young children I focus on a strong technical foundation so they have the tools to express themselves musically. I also stress music fundamentals (notation and rhythm), relaxation, good practice habits, and attention to sound production and musicality.  I encourage and facilitate participation in school or other ensembles to lead them to become well-rounded musicians. To hone their performance skills, each year my pre-college students present three or four studio recitals, and have opportunites for master classes and evaluations by other professional harpists, as well as joint studio recitals with other instrumentalists. 

The focus at the universities and summer programs where I teach is on professional development, with an emphasis on standard classical harp solo and orchestral repertoire. This involves more rigorous requirements in terms of repertoire, development of style and commitment to practicing. 

I have many adult avocational students and I  help them work towards their own goals in studying the harp, be it for relaxation, to play in church, or just for their own enjoyment. 

A word about schools of harp technique

I grew up in a military family which moved many times during my formative years. Consequently, name a "school" of harp playing, and I have studied it for at least a year. My university training was with Salzedo-school teachers, and my approach with beginners reflects that, but ultimately I believe that one should move beyond the concept of this or that method, and do what works to create the desired sound to serve the music. 

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